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Dr. Goldstein is a specially trained BOTOX Cosmetic practitioner providing patients with a more youthful appearance. BOTOX Cosmetic is an FDA approved purified protein neurotoxin. BOTOX is primarily used for the therapy of frown line wrinkles, forehead, as well as the “crow’s feet” on the corners of the eyes. The treatment of excessive armpit sweating is another popular use of BOTOX Cosmetic. This in-office procedure is quite popular and takes about 10 minutes.

Dr. Goldstein spends time “mapping” out the special facial musculature and denoting particular wrinkle lines to develop the best strategy and dosing for the BOTOX Cosmetic injections. Dr. Goldstein uses exceptionally small needles for the injections to minimize discomfort. The sensation of the shot is less than a small “bug bite”. Ice packs are used subsequently to minimize any bruising.

Dr. Goldstein has advanced training in BOTOX Cosmetic injections that can not only significantly reduce wrinkles around the frown lines (between the eyebrows), brow, and crow’s feet. The BOTOX “Browlift” is now a very popular means to optimize the look and position of the female forehead without having to do a surgical procedure on the brow. Additionally, there are significant differences in female and male human body with males usually having more powerful facial muscles and thicker. Coincidently, Dr. Goldstein recognizes and analyzes those differences and adjusts his dosing for male patients to get the same improvement and effectiveness.

BOTOX Cosmetic was accepted by the FDA for frown line treatment in April 2002. Since then BOTOX Cosmetic has become the fastest growing cosmetic procedure performed by plastic surgeons and specially trained dentists.

The impacts of the BOTOX Cosmetic injections are seen typically in 5-7 days and last 3-4 months. BOTOX Cosmetic injections can result in a small bruise. On an extremely rare occasion, they can lead to forehead depression or light droopiness of the eyelid. This side-effect is temporary and wears off normally in several weeks.

Dr. Goldstein is experienced in the treatment of hyperhidrosis (sweaty armpits). Patients with this embarrassing condition might be quite debilitated from excessive armpit sweating that often requires a dress change multiple times per day. BOTOX Cosmetic for hyperhidrosis significantly reduces excessive sweating and may last for a year.


Botox Cosmetic FAQ’s

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the only approved treatment to temporarily improve the appearance of both moderate to severe frown lines between the brows and crow’s feet lines in adults.
BOTOX® Cosmetic targets one of the underlying causes of frown lines and crow’s feet—the repeated muscle contractions from frowning and squinting over the years. Your provider will inject these muscles with BOTOX® Cosmetic to temporarily reduce muscle activity. You will begin to notice a visible smoothing of your crow’s feet lines and frown lines between your brows.
You may begin to notice results within 24 to 48 hours for moderate to severe frown lines, with results lasting up to 4 months.
We purchases BOTOX® Cosmetic directly from Allergan or a distributor authorized by Allergan so you can rest assured you are getting authentic Boxtox Cosmetic.
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